OMG! Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend to Death in Their home… But what she did next will shcok you (Photo)



A 43 year old woman from Ohio,Bobbi Amos-Camacho, has been thrown behind bars for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend, James Rowe Jr., 42 to death.
After committing this wicked act, she told people that he cut himself.How possible is that?
According to Inside Edition, Amos-Camacho, reportedly called police late Saturday night to report that her boyfriend had “accidentally cut himself while sharpening a knife.”
But when the police arrived the scene, the found out that he was dead with multiple stab wounds. How dumb was she?
Further investigations have revealed that he was indeed murdered by stab wounds.
Amos-Camacho was transported to the sheriff’s office for questioning and was later charged with murder.
Police are reportedly investigating what led to the stabbing. Some of Rowe’s family members took to social media to express their sadness.
Family member Chuck Rowe wrote: “I got to work today till 6pm. When I get home, I will drink a couple beers in honor of Jimmy. May you Rest in peace, love ya buddy.”


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