GOD IS NOT DEAD {Episode 2}



If you take a look at the world today, you will notice that most people try to bend or change facts because they want it to suite their crooked ways. The fact still remains that ”No matter how hard you try to make yourself believe that a fact is a lie, it remains a fact”. A fact is more legit and more standard that a law, this is so because ”Laws can be bent or changed but facts cannot be altered”.


There is a wise saying that ” A man of knowledge is not a wise man but an enlightened man” . This simply means that professors can tell you how man evolved from apes and how the world started from a geographic form but  this not make it true.

Knowledge is information gained from an observation made by another individual. And any observation has rooms for mistakes and error. What does this mean?. It means that whatever you have read or whatever you will read about the non-existence of GOD has a great possibility of being wrong. Is it not better to believe in eternity now and discover that it does not exist when you leave this world rather than not believe in eternity and discover that it exists when you leave this world?.

Most people who stand to believe that there is no God are people who wanna leave a careless life and living life carelessly means getting into irreparable problems at any time.

The concept of man is ”MAKE MONEY,MONEY IS EVERYTHING”

But there is a spiritual side and a religious side to every man. How can you explain the fact that you dream and some of you dreams actualize?

Forget about the scientific crap you were told about how your brain works and gives you dreams. Deep down , you know that you have a spirit.Or are you gonna still deny the fact that you have a spirit.

If  you agree with me that you have a spirit, ”who created you spirit?”

We will give you more deep thoughts in our next episode.


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