Watch the Disturbing Moment a Drunk Man Urinates Next to a Sleeping Woman at an Airport (Photos+Video)


This is the disturbing moment a man dropped his pants and urinated on a woman sleeping on the ground at a Tennessee airport.
Demarkus Bush, 34, was caught on a surveillance camera stumbling through Memphis International Airport on Thursday before relieving himself inches away from a woman.

Bush, who told officials he downed several alcoholic drinks before arriving at the airport, was arrested for public assault and intoxication, according to WMCA.
Video footage of the horrifying incident shows Bush getting up from the ground and staggering through the waiting area of the airport before the security checkpoint.
Bush seemingly ran into a wall twice, stumbling backwards each time before he hobbled towards the woman who was was fast asleep under a row of chairs.
He can be seen lifting up his shirt and pulling down his pants before urinating on the ground just inches away from the woman’s head.



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