Here are the top 7 American festivals you need to attend in you lifetime


The summer is the holiday season for every typical American. During the summer, you have the freedom to travel and also have some fun at least for a short period of time. American festivals are definitely the place you wanna be, if you really wanna have some fun. The great news is that you dont have to be stuck at one festival, you have many to choose the best from.

We bring you some of the coolest American festivals that you need to attend.

1.Great American Foodie fest

Did you know that Americans are the people that invented fast food?

Americans are also the people that made the world know about dieting. Americans also host big food festivals and it’s always so much fun. American food festivals is attended by people from all over the world. Las Vegas is known as the city of fun, you could get married before midnight in Vegas and go your separate ways at dawn, this is the reason why Vegas also hosts one of the biggest food festivals. A four day bonanza offers “food truck” food and is primarily stationed around the Sunset Station. Right here you can taste all sorts of food that you’ve never tasted before.

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