“This is outright wickedness” — Mabel Makun tells her husband, AY on Instagram over Freda Francis issue.


Still on Freda Francis Issue..

So, earlier today.. Comedian AY’s wife started a drama on social media after she called out pregnant Freda Francis for allegedly having an “intimacy” with her Comedian Husband.

Mabel even shared screenshots of the flirty chats, her husband and Freda had on Whatsapp.. and it’s got our jaw dropped.

Apparently, Mabel had earlier gone to her husband’s page to call her out.. AY who shared a picture with Freda on his page captioned the photo: “At Freda’s Push Party with @kovie1on1.. congratulations @fredafrancis #delsuites #reunion”.

Then, Mabel moments later went to the photo on her husband’s page and left a comment.. She said it was “outright wickedness and she won’t take it.”.. Perhaps, her husband told her he was going to chill with the guys, and then he later shared a picture with Freda on his Instagram?

..’Cos we still trying to understand what really is going on here.



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