15 Most Richest Kings And Queens Of All Time (With Pictures)


Queens and kings are rulers of the world. Some are tyrants and others are leaders that walk among us. Nevertheless, this list consists not of judgment of character but of riches, influence and power! Many folks dream or perhaps maybe even lust for millions and popularity, but only the chosen can reign. Many queens and kings far surpass the millionaire status quo, and scheme higher for billions and fame forevermore.

Author of Spiritual Economics Eric Butterworth wrote, “The secret of achieving prosperity lies in so vividly keeping yourself centered in the inner focus of affluence that you literally exude the consciousness of it.” You may know of kings and queens such as King Arthur and Queen Victoria, though in this list you might acquire the knowledge of underground royals and you too might aspire for queen or kingship.  Here are the 15 richest kings and queens.

15.Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I is said to be one of the most powerful royals in history. One of her richest works included restoring the quality of England’s gold currency after her father exchanged its value for third-rate metal. Queen Elizabeth I’s father, King Henry VIII reduced the purity of English silver and gold coins to fund foreign wars and his scandalous affairs. Many of Henry VIII’s fake silver coins actually contained more cheap metal like copper than the original silver.

Justice was served when Elizabeth I commanded that all old, debased, gold coins be re-made into new, pure, gold coins. England’s new coins were made of the finest silver and gold. Rumor has it the people of England tossed gold coins at Elizabeth’s feet as she walked through the streets of England on carpeted pavements.

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