15 Most Dangerous Celebrity Stalkers In History


Stalkers are often thought of as fodder for horror films and something to irrationally fear. Celebrities have all kinds of fanatical fans, but that does not mean that any of them intend to cause harm. This, however, is not always the case. Some people take their fandom to another level, and this level sometimes causes danger for the person they are following. Celebrities have to navigate the reality that people genuinely love and adore them, possibly to the point where they want to hurt them.

Most people are rational, and even if we feel as though we may know a celebrity, we know we don’t. There are some people that we watch every day and feel as though we would get along with them. Unfortunately, there are thousands or even millions of people who feel the same way, and these celebrities don’t have time to entertain every fan’s friendship. There are some delusional people amongst us though. They take the feeling that we all get and expand on it. They think they really love these celebrities, and don’t understand why their subject doesn’t love them back. As you can see from these 15 examples, these deranged individuals can be extremely dangerous to the celebrities they stalk.

15. Matthew Hooker

Matthew Hooker is an accused stalker of actress Nicole Kidman. He wrote her letters and poems, called her on the phone and even showed up to her house. Kidman brought him to court over the matter, and the judge ordered him to stay 250 yards away from the actress at all times. This was a temporary restraining order, which Kidman sought to make permanent when she returned to court. Hooker, for his part, vehemently denied the accusation that he was a stalker. He contested that he just wanted a date with the actress, and that his “threats” were just misunderstood attempts at trying to woo her. Of course, unprompted letters, calls and visits are not the best way to show you aren’t creepy, but Hooker wanted to tell his side of the story and clear his name. He claims that this was all an attempt to sabotage his political career (Hooker wanted to make an un-ironic presidential run) by naming him a “stalker.”


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