15 Famous People Who Now Work Regular Jobs


Fame is a fickle friend, and as swiftly as it rushes in, it runs out the door without even saying goodbye. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child star or broke into the entertainment industry as an adult, if your time is up, all those flashing lights of the paparazzi will vanish and you’ll be left wondering where all those adoring fans disappeared to. Nothing lasts forever, but for these celebs who were sitting on top of the Hollywood world, they didn’t expect their limelight to go away so quickly.

Some people who fade away from the spotlight turn to trouble such as bizarre behavior or substance abuse to cope with transitioning away from fame. When the rug is ripped right from under a celebrity, they’re often faced with the decision to continue chasing after the next big role or to wave their white flag of defeat and go back to the real world. There are many reasons why stars who once shined now find it difficult to land a role. It’s hard to put food on the table as a struggling actor so sometimes you have to bow out gracefully because you’re sick of eating ramen and baked beans —  and it’s even worse when you’re eating them together. These familiar faces became waiters, spin class instructors, and you’ll never guess which 1980s dreamboat is now making furniture. And careful who you call a dummy because many of these actors are smarty pants.

15. Taran Noah Smith – Home Improvement to Restauranteur

He starred in “Home Improvement” when he was just seven-years-old, and by the time the show ended, he was 16. Taran Noah Smith spent his childhood on a hit television show but when he was 18, he wasn’t as active in the entertainment industry as people expected. He finally was able to gain control of his $1.5 million trust fund, but found that his parents may have been dipping into his piggy bank to buy themselves a mansion.

When he was 17-years-old he married Heidi van Pelt in 2001 who just happened to be 33-years-old, 16 years his senior. Together they formed a non-dairy cheese manufacturing company and restaurant named Playfood. They specialized in vegan and organic food, but it closed down in 2009. The couple’s relationship didn’t even last that long; they divorced in 2007.


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