And Death Came Calling: Checkout 6 Famous Boxing Stars Who Died Fighting in the Ring (Photos)


It is very usual that a boxer will get injuries during his game. It’s a part of the game.
Each and every boxer gets several injuries but some of them become very serious. Even they have suffered for that injury over a long period. But although very rare still many famous boxers have died in the ring.
According to the statistics approx 500 boxers died in the ring till now since the rule Marquis of Queensberry was introduced in the year 1884. Just imagine about the number and how pathetic about the boxers who donated their life for the sake of game.
Here we will be naming few of these boxers who donated their life in boxing.
List of Boxers who have Died in the Ring:
1. Brad Rone:
This incident occurred on 2003 when Brad Rone competed with Billy Zumburn. At the end of the first round Billy gave several punches to Rone and after that as Rone was walking towards the corner he fell down and expired.


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